Industries Served – Packaging for Each Industry Type

Industries Served – Packaging for Each Industry Type

When it comes to packaging, every industry has its own special needs, and it’s crucial to get the right fit. Whether you’re dealing with agriculture, construction, or textiles, proper packaging is key to keeping your products safe, secure, and looking sharp. Here at Martins Mill, we’ve got a wide range of packaging solutions, each tailored to suit the specific demands of different industries. From sturdy polypropylene bags for your farm produce to custom boxes for those odd-shaped items, we’ve got you covered. Take a look at how our packaging can help streamline your operations and keep everything running smoothly, no matter what business you’re in.

Agricultural produce packaging - Both polypropylene bags and one tonne bags, which have a flat base, are ideal for packaging and transporting agricultural products such as grains, seeds, fertilizers, fruit and animal feed.

Building & construction packaging - One tonne bags, which have a flat base and four lifting hooks, are ideal for soil, rock, gravel, sand, aggregates and cement.

Carpet & rug packaging - Polypropylene spiral sewn tubing which is supplied in a continuous roll and cut to length is ideal for the carpet and rug industry, since it stretches tightly around the product. 

Our polythene layflat tubing will provide a similar function at a lower cost, although polythene layflat tubing does not stretch.

Chemical transportation packaging - Polypropylene bags and one tonne bags are ideal for the chemical transportation sector with their strength and reliability.

Clothing & textile recycling packaging – Both bale recycling bags and envelope recycling bags are ideal for clothing and textile recycling as they are available with lids and can be sewn for transportation.

Custom packaging – Martins Mill offers a range of custom packaging where standard sized boxes and containers are not suitable for non-standard, awkwardly shaped or oversize products.

Fabric rolls packaging – Both polypropylene tubing and layflat tubing continuous rolls are ideal for packing rolls of fabric, since they can be cut to length and sealed at both ends.

Farm animal feed packagingBale recycling bags, which are equipped with a lid are ideal for animal feed such as hay storage and grass clippings.

Fertiliser packaging – Both one tonne bags and jumbo one tonne bags, which are available with fill and/or discharge spouts are suitable for fertilisers and most free flowing products.

Fish packaging - Polypropylene bags are ideal for fish, shellfish, and crustaceans and ensure secure packaging and transportation. These bags also allow the product to breathe.

Flood prevention – We offer sandbags for this purpose.

Food packaging - Polypropylene bags and sacks are ideal for packaging and storing food products, including grains, flour, rice, sugar, and other dry food items. Polythene bags and grip seal bags are used for smaller quantities.

Fruit & vegetable packagingMono bags, also known as leno sacks, are ideal for fruit packaging and transportation. They are also ideal for displaying the product due to their mesh design.

Garden grow & composting bags One tonne bags which have a flat base are ideal for this purpose.

Garden waste and landscaping sacksPolythene sacks, rubble sacks and one tonne bags, which have a flat base, are ideal for garden waste and landscaping.

Home storage & house removal – We offer a range of corrugated cardboard boxes and a house moving kit.

Pharmaceutical packagingPolypropylene bags are ideal for storage and transportation of pharmaceutical products

Postal dispatch packaging – Our wide range of packing and wrapping products includes bubble wrap, wrapping paper, parcel tapes, mailing bags, postal tubes, bubble pouches, document wallets, tags and foam protectors.

Recycling packaging – Martins Mill jumbo one tonne bags and bale recycling bags are ideal for a wide variety of recycling needs.

Timber / wood packaging - Our one tonne ventilated bags are suitable for storing or drying wood, while our mini one tonne bags, standard tonne bags, and jumbo tonne bags are ideal for storage and transportation of wood products.

Transportation – Martins Mill packaging offers a range of packaging products to move products around and for transportation in general.

Barrow truck bags Barrow truck bags are available with or without lids are ideal for moving products around using a two-wheeled barrow.

Container packaging – Our bale recycling bags and envelope recycling bags, which are available with a sew able lid are ideal for stacking in a container.

Pallet boxes - Our pallet boxes are available in three sizes, standard, euro and Half-euro sizes.

Pallet wrap and hand wrap - Pallet and handy wrap enables products mounted on a pallet to be securely wrapped for transportation

Pallet film heat shrink centre-fold - Also known as PE Shrink Film, it is a centre-folded film on the roll and is ideal for awkwardly shaped products, bulky goods or pallets and provides all weather protection packaging.

Pallet covers- heat shrinkable - Pallet covers- heat shrinkable are available in versions suitable for both standard and Euro pallets. These provide lightweight, flexible and leakproof puncture resistance, plus protection against theft, dust and moisture and can be reused.

Strapping – Our range of polyester, polypropylene and steel strapping, plus strapping machines and tools are ideal for securing loads.

In conclusion, getting the right packaging for your industry is essential, and at Martins Mill, we've got the expertise and range to meet your needs. From agricultural bags to custom solutions for unique items, our products are designed to keep your goods safe and sound. And remember, what we've listed here is just the tip of the iceberg. We've got a wide range of products, so if you don’t see what you need, it’s worth having a look around our site and checking out our online catalogue. Whatever your packaging challenges, we’re here to help you find the perfect solution.